Selling a business is complicated. It requires extensive research and planning to identify the best potential buyers for your business. Our methodical, process-driven approach helps our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Midway Business Broker spends significant time prior to going to market with the business owner, to develop a tailored process that meets the individual objectives and goals of each client.
Every business owner and every potential buyer is unique. Whether your eventual buyer is a family member, a business competitor, someone buying a business for the first time, there are unique factors that must be taken into consideration.
Successfully selling a business requires information, planning, and expertise. Successfully selling your business is not a sprint but a marathon. You will need to prepare far in advance for selling your business, and we can help. There is no replacement for experience, and Midway Business Broker has the proven experience to help you sell your business.

Midway Business Broker will:
Professionally prepare your business for sale
Professionally and confidentially market your business
Assist in all aspects of the transaction through the closing process
We primarily represent sellers in such industries as:
Liquor Stores
Gas Stations
Hotel / Motel
Miscellaneous Stores

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